Rates at a Glance
We specialize in rapidly expediting transactions that may be delayed by mailing or processing, and those requests for which you would like to eliminate the uncertainty of sending through the system. Requests are hand carried by our researchers to save you time and provide accountability. SE HABLA ESPANOL. 
Filing & Retrieval Services
Division of Corporations  2-Day Service
A $2.50 handling fee, which includes regular mail delivery, is added to all two-day services. Express delivery fees vary and are additional.

Articles of incorporation filing
Limited partnership filings
Corporate status certificate
Certified copy of documents
Name availability
Annual reports filing
Dissolutions / withdrawals
Amendment filing
Record search (Registered Agent, corporate offices, etc)
Document retrieval
Trademark or service mark filing
Foreign / Alien corporate filing
Other filings
Uniform Commerical Code
Filing (UCC 1 & UCC 3)
Search (UCC 11) (see note 1)
Retrieval (UCC 11)
*($2.00 per copy of documents retrieved)
Registered Agent Service  Annual Fee*
Domestic corporation
Limited partnerships & Limited Liability Company
*(Service of process acceptance/$25.00 per summons)
Department of Revenue
Non-Tax Certificates, Waiver & Release, Final Certificates
Other Governmental Agencies
Including: Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA), Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Department of Revenue--Non-Tax Certificates, Division of Banking / Division of Securities, Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco, Public Service Commision--Tariffs, Legislative Committees / Archives, Division of Land Sales & Condominiums, Department of Natural Resources, Any State of Florida Agency, Bankruptcy Court, Supreme Court, 1st DCA, Federal Court, etc..
Department of Motor Vehicles
Driving Records / Title & Lien Searches, Crash Reports / Tag Checks
Top Priority One-Day Service
Request processes within 24 hours
*A special filing fee may be charged in addition to the rush fee depending on complexity of request. Ask your Capital Connection Representative for a quote specific to your request.
Top Priority / Special Handling
Expedited service for "unique problem" requests. Rate will depend on time expanded, complexity of problem, and results obtained.
Capital Express
One-day service on Incorporations
(profit, non-profit and P.A) $70.00

  • Search for name availability
  • Prepare Articles of Incorporation (per attorney's instructions) (See note #3 below)
  • File Articles with Secretary of State
  • Prepay statutory fees*
  • We will use our "standard articles"
*State statutory filing fee not included in this price. An additional $20.00 fee will be charged for articles prepared within hours of request. Availability subject to time of request.

We provide Corporate Kits and ship daily. Each includes corporate seal & certificates.
Out-of-State Service
Filings / Retrievals / Searches
Base fee


Corporate Kits
Includes: corporate seal, printed minutes and bylaws, 20 printed certificates, transfer ledger and or receipts, government forms, padded 3-ring binder with matching slip case                             

One-day service--
Executive Corporate Kit,
Shipping (UPS)
Deluxe Corporate  kit
Non-profit corporate kit
Professional Association kit
Amendment package
Corporate seal with case
Stock certificates
(minimum 20
Add Sales Tax
per order)
Other corporate supplies and overnight delivery available upon request. Out-of-state corporate kits available at additional charge.
  1. Florida state level searches are performed by our company, for out of state and county searches we utilize a network of correspondents whom perform the searches on our behalf.
  2. We will be pleased to prepay filing, certification, and and fees required to facilitate services. However, a 15% service fee will be added to such disbursements advanced on client's behalf.
  3. On files Registered Agent acceptance forms are available for attorneys.
  4. TOP PRIORITY requests typically processed within 24 hours of time received and acknowledged.
  5. All documents returned by regular mail ($2.50/S+H) unless another method is requested.
  6. All statutory fees where applicable are additional.
  7. Time and toll charges for telephone report additional; no charge for telephone confirmation on TOP PRIORITY requests or where otherwise indicated.
  8. Payments include appropriate fees, or we will bill -- open account, net 21 days to approved accounts.
  9. TERMS: A FINANCE CHARGE OF 15% PER MONTH (Annual Rate of 18%) will be charged on balance over 30 days.
*State statutory filing fee not included in this price. An additional $20.00 fee will be charged for articles prepared upon availability on a rush basis.

We manufacture Corporate Kits and ship daily. Each includes corporate seal & stock certificates.
If you have a request, a question about the service we offer, or a special need not listed, please contact one of our helpful client representatives at: 850-224-8870 or 800-342-8062  

Limitation of Liability
We make every effort to give each request prompt and accurate attention. In the event we file or retrieve a document improperly as a result of error on our part, we will file an amendment or retrieve the correct document and pay the addition filing or retrieval fees to the particular government agency. However, we assume no responsibility for errors by the user of our services or his client or any government agency. Our liability shall be limited to the cost of our services and in no event shall we be liable for any special or consequential damages sustained by the user or his client resulting from the utilization of our services or from delays encountered in any agency or by whatever mode of transportation is utilized by either party. Prices listed above are subject to change and are to be used as a reference only.